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Dec 19, 2012 9:00am PST
one of thing that we can do to prevent any of these events, we have a deep obligation, all of us, to try and. over these past five days, the discussion has re-emerged as to what we might do not only to deter mass shootings in the future but to reduce the epidemic of gun violence that plagues this country every day. and it is encouraging that people of all different backgrounds and beliefs and political persuasions have been willing to challenge old assumptions and to change longstanding positions. that conversation pastor continued. but this time the words need to lead to action. we know this is a complex issue that stirs the deeply held passions and political divides. as i said sunday, there's no law or set of laws that can prevent every senseless acts of violence in our society. we will need to work on making access to mental health care at least limited access to guns. we will need to look at a culture that often glorifies guns and violence. any actions we must take must begin inside the home and inside our hearts. the fact that this problem is complex can no longer be an excu
Dec 17, 2012 9:00am PST
't stay up there that long. i needed to know what happened to this wheal, so joining us is reuben from the netherlands. >> it was a pretty weird moment, we were having a photo shoot on the beach. we saw a wheal swim, and it was awesome, and then it staying in one spot for awhile. i came close to it, and i bumped over him, and he was pretty stuck in there, so we went back to the beach, and they tried to rescue the poor animal. they did several attempts, but it was without success. >> so what happened? >> they left it there, and it's still alive, and they're moping for a high tide to come up, soon, and strong winds. the percentage of survival is pretty small. >> just because it's such a big animal? >> yes, i want to thank everybody that helped us. have a good one guys. >> bye. >>> the next video might be a little tough to watch, it will give you a good feeling of humanity. we're looking at a motorcyclist after a wreck, and he is pinned to the ground, and on fire. when you see strangers rushing to the aid of this guy, they rush to get the bike off of the guy, and the big thing on him is t
Dec 28, 2012 9:00am PST
them right here, "right this minute." a u.s. marine's old youtube video takes on a new, sinister feel. >> we're trained to kill. we're trained that death is okay. >> it's startling now to listen to this video. >> now that the marine is accused of gunning down his own wife. we've got the story. >>> iraq is hit by heavy flooding, but one guy is like i need to get around. what happens when push comes to shovel. >>> it's touted as a sure-fire way to stop -- >> the crying baby! >> how to pull the trick a lot of people swear by. >> yeah, that's it. that's it. >>> and a bear decides to declutter a backyard pond. >> i'm burneding wondering if h looking for salmon, like there's got to be a salmon in my. >>> my frustrations in iraq were having to watch over 50 of my friends die, having to kill people, having to kill a child who tried to kill me. i'm a marine and we're trained to kill. we're trained that death is okay. >> what we're hearing in this video is a former marine talking about experiences serving two tours in iraq as a u.s. marine and the effects that the war had on him. >> before i we
Dec 20, 2012 9:30am PST
suspecting maybe some marijuana use had been going on. that's when trooper david ferrell called for female trooper kelly. kelly takes angel and her niece one by one and performs a full body cavity search. >> on the side of the road. >> watch the video. her hand is down the back of her pants. that same hand on her shoulder then down the front of her pants. >> the tsa doesn't do that much when you go to the airport. >> this is hard to watch. >> you see then the trooper moves on to the other woman. the two women are claiming the trooper used the same glove. >> no. >> the same procedure was performed in the back. in the front. >> that's so gross. >> that's how you get a uti. >> she thinks marijuana is up her hoohaw. >> after the search is over you can hear her displeasure. >> i was totally violated over there a few minutes ago. i had a finger in my [ bleep ] and a finger in my [ bleep ]. >> they are suing because they believe they were subjected to illegal and gross cavity search. >> i fell like i saw something i shouldn't have seen. >> texas rangers have investigated and sent findings to the
Dec 3, 2012 9:00am PST
feel like a tiny little speck on this planet. >>> a group of u.s. troops on patrol in afghanistan in this open field, one of them wearing a helmet cam. this video uploaded as he continues to document the war in afghanistan and thefá worst happens here. they get ambushed. they got nowhere to go in this open field except for behind this what looks to be maybe this 10-inch dirt berm. that's not it. the guy's camera that we're with, his gun jammed. >> oh no. >> that's a mound. barely off the ground. it's like one plowing the fields and you can barely get behind that. >> i wouldn't consider that cover at all. they're fighting an ambush. they probably don't even know where it's coming from. >> what do you got? what do you got? >> all they can do is shoot in the direction they hear fire coming from. >> fire! fire! >> you hear bullets hitting right in front of them. >>fá heartbreaking for these gu who are really without any protection from this ambush. >> just again it makes you say, thank you, god. i can't believe this is what you have to do every day for us. thank you. >> we say it al
Dec 6, 2012 9:30am PST
. in the past fishermen have used this it technique and speared these fish as they get close to the boat. >> it's like a magnet. turn this torch on and here come the fish. >> it looks like sparks in the water. >> yeah. >> because the light reflecting off the fish. surely this can only be done at night but it does kind of make for a beautiful spectacle. >> no kidding. >> that's kind of what it has become. there are only four boats still using this method on the taiwan coast. i got to say, fishing never looked so pretty. >> yeah. >> thanks for showing us this. >> you're welcome. >>> two insane dash cam videos from russia. the first one, the driver is listening to the cure's "close to me" and titled "second birthday." you're about to see why. >> whoa! >> oh, my goodness. >> no kidding. the driver, obviously, on a wet road. the semi truck swerves into his lane sending him in the direction of two oncoming semis. >> that's a scary sight when he goes over into oncoming traffic. you see the two trucks side by sidep. good thing he was in the car he was in. >> i like to think he's in a real skinny car. i
Dec 19, 2012 9:30am PST
bunch of folks who spends a lot of money trying to beat me, they will say it would be disastrous for us to use the debt ceiling as something to try to win political points on capitol hill. so we're not going to do that. and which is why i think part of what i hope over the next couple days we see is a recognition there's a way to go ahead and get spending cuts they have been fighting for. they can get meaningful spending cuts that would amount to dollars trillion in spending cuts over the last couple years. -- $2trillion. it is changed they get a little over a trillion dollars in revenue. that meets the pledge i made during the campaign, which was $2.50 in spending cuts for every revenue increase. that is an approach that most americans think is appropriate. but i will not negotiate around the debt ceiling. we will not do that again. i've got david jackson. >> thank you, mr. president. getting back to the gun issue. what makes you think this will be different, given the passage of time and the political power of guns rights groups like the national rifle association? >> this is not goin
Dec 28, 2012 1:00pm PST
thought it would be behind us but we got caught up in the middle of it and the car swirled, literally swirled and we could hear crashes. >> they were caught in a rain-wrapped tornado. visibility was nonexistent. >> what was the first thing you saw that was problematic? >> well, blinding rain, we couldn't see anything and then everything started turning. >> she went directly to the store and bought herself a handful of lottery tickets, right? you don't get much luckier than that. >> jim said he had a radar system on his ipad that showed a base velocity image so he knew half a mile up the road this tornado was touching down. as he came upon this car he saw where the tornado had just been and knew these people were incredibly lucky. >> those trees look like toothpicks that have just been broken in half like nothing, like a giant just stepped on them. >> toward the end of the video you see people out with chain saws trying to clear this debris and get these folks out of there. >>> we've got some traffic videos from india where traffic police are telling people you've got to pay attention
Dec 17, 2012 1:00pm PST
us what that is. >> we got a call someone might have found them. i called the cops within we went into the house, waited for about an who and a half, and animal control called me, and he is home! >> yay! so what was the tip? >> a woman called and says i know where he's at, here is the address i saw him at. >> who had him? >> a 15-year-old girl took him. she changed her story several times, she tried to say that she bought dallas from a homeless man. >> is the girl going to be charged? >> we will be pressing charges. >> how did the dog react to be back in your arms? >> he was so excited, i could barely hold on to him. >> what was it like when dallas was reunited with his gang? >> they were so excited. >> are you amazed at how social media and people were able to give you types? >> the two that called the police saw dallas on the news and on facebook. both of the them hald. my page is at almost 1100 followers today. >> you know what? i think it's because of that mohawk. it made it distinctive. >> i had to be m people hating it, saying it was stupid, that's the reason my dog was brou
Dec 4, 2012 9:00am PST
real house wives on us. >> hold on. i said hold on. >>> the crazy weather hitting the west coast created a pretty crazy situation in oregon. take a look at the story from kpic. you are looking at the river. the water is moving swiftly due to the heavy rain. look what is floating down that river. that is actually a boat dock along with several boats still attached. if you notice there is a man still standing on that dock. >> do you think he was just on the dock and it started floating? >> these were his boats. according to reports the man on the dock floating down this river is larry allen strain. >> you okay? good. >> is it sad that i find this completely hilarious. >> i think a lot of people find it funny but they have to figure out how to get this guy to safety. so crews from the fire district number 2 spring into action and they send out the rescue boat. when the rescue boat got out to this dock larry strain did not want to get in. he wanted them to get a bigger boat. >> he is a real captain going down with his ship. >> this is something that he probably loves to death. >> aut
Dec 14, 2012 1:00pm PST
we're watching comes to us from dean. you see a group of climbers descending a peak in nepal. it's hard to breathe, easy to hyper ventilate. not to mention a storm came through and made temperatures 20 degrees fahrenheit. what if i told you right before this video, one of the members of their group had a pretty serious accident. a woman named debra fell about 15 feet. in doing so shattered her ankle and lower leg. in these photos from dean, you see part of the rescue attempt. this is some scary stuff because debra is saying things like i don't want to die. at 19,000 feet, anything is possible. >> it's not like they can call emergency services. >> they are on their own but did get some help. they are able to rig up a rope rescue that got her to a safe area where a helicopter could come pick her up. the helicopter did make it but not without issues. it took six landing attempts for this helicopter to get where they needed to be. >> did they stay with her? >> they had to. people were giving her clothing off their back. she's airlifted to kathmandu to undergo surgery on her leg. >> i
Dec 24, 2012 1:00pm PST
surfaces showing how the military once used -- >> american and himalayan black bears. >> to test pilot ejection systems. see the incredible journey from capsule to safely back to earth. >> a guy does a little dance for his friends. >> i don't know why he's dancing on the bonfire. >> but we do know why that was a really bad idea. >>> and the story behind a woman's emotional homecoming. ♪ how a flash mob brought joy to her world. >>> four grinches tried to steal the christmas of an oklahoma city family. it was all caught on surveillance camera. it all started with the blue sedan that you see crossing in front of their house. the family later learned this blue sedan was basically casing the joint. there were four people inside of this car. through this camera you can see one of the guys breaking in the back door. you can see mr. saggy pants here taking high-priced items. they also stole a gun from inside the house. but watch what they do next. they go under the whalen family christmas tree, and they start ripping open the presents. beyond that, they then throw the christmas tree down on
Dec 13, 2012 1:00pm PST
a poodle with an orange mohawk. now his owners is -- >> using pet amber >> how she is going to get her dog back and get back at the thieves. >> they think they got away with something that really made me mad. >> two people strip all the way down with pixels -- >> over the his and her naughty areas. >> why pixel pants are suddenly the hot holiday gifts. >>> very cute little girl we're looking at is the nearly 7-month-old mya whitington. she looks happen. look at this picture. right away you notice her face is red, a little swollen. you won't believe thi what looked like a string emerged from the swollen area. mya's pediatrician plucked a two-inch long feather from her neck. >> like a bird's feather? >> a feather that looked like it fell out of your pillow. a feather they believe maybe she swallowed or inhaled. they don't know when this happened because they said okay, we do have one down pillow but we hardly use it. mya's parents and emma and aaron and mya joining us right this minute. tell us how mya is doing now. >> she saw a doctor today and he was going to poke it, drain
Dec 27, 2012 1:00pm PST
the kids open up their gifts. they're having a pretty good christmas. dad tells us they were down to their last couple gifts. they still are waiting on one special gift. you see, they get this one here. kind of like, star wars, legos, cool, but dad knows there's one they really want. things are about to get kicked up a few notches. watch this. >> aiden, there's a couple more. what are you looking for, baby? >> you can see he's praying. >> please let it be what i always wanted. please, let it be. >> what is it? what is it, guys? >> daddy! i'm so happy! >> you're so happy? >> and reese turns into this say the tait of euphoria, and then it turns from that to -- this -- >> i'm so happy. >> you're crying? >> yes. [ laughter ] >> tears of joy. >> yeah. >> tears of joy over a video game that dad said they first played while on a trip to disney world over the summer. fell in love with the game. it's called "tank, tank, tank" they got it and he just broke down, tears. it's like he just won the academy award. overcome with emotion. >> "tank, tank, tank." >> in the background, you hear someb
Dec 3, 2012 9:30am PST
that were caught in this dash cam video. >> seems like heroics to us but it's what they do. >>> here's something in this group of people on a rowboat. this good day is about to get a lot cooler and then it will get scary for second. they're out there in the water. in thefá distance you see kille whales are getting closer and closer to these boats. >> they're in kayaks. they're in small, little, tiny boats.t( >> these small boats are about to get a close look at these big creatures. watch this. getting a little concerned they're coming straight for us. >> oh my god. >> they swam underneath this row of boats and almost hits the guy operating the camera here and you see the killer whales going their way. >> he's the perfect camera guy for breaking news. he keptxd photographing even though he feared for his life. >> i can't even imagine. >> you're sitting there in this tiny boat and you know you can get dumped over any minute. it's getting super close to youv >> the size. the whale larger than three kayaks tied together. >> whalesfá are nice. when you're in a kayak, you don't know wher
Dec 7, 2012 9:00am PST
. to tell us more about this weird, strange, bizarre, gross story, we have one of our favorite guests here. david, welcome back to the show. >> this is a pretty interesting story to write and i am still putting hand sanitizer on it when i think of how the stuff that happens. the thing that was really fascinating -- sorry. i need the hand sanitizer. it was the daughter actually doing phone sex and she got fired from doing phone sex. she got a job in tampa as a dancer which is what they do in tampa. she suggested to her mom, hey, maybe you should go into that and afterwards she decided to go into it and then they decided they would be a commodity. so far i think they're getting more notoriety than actual income from this. you never know what's going to happen. >> how do you start that conversation? mom, do you want to do porn with me? >> they have been very open with each other. at their house they were close to being evicted. they have 60 people on their facebook fan page. it's obvious they think they're going to become filthy rich by being filthy. >> are we certain this is actually a mothe
Dec 11, 2012 9:00am PST
this guy? >> keep in mind. he's driving this with his hands cuffed. >> most of us can drive with one hand. so maybe he just keeps his wrists together -- >> can you go like in? pretty difficult. police say the chances of finding him are "very good" facing felony theft, in addition to the initial burglary. >> what happened? >> when they got the cars from the dealership they were told the back windows were disabled. obviously they just didn't check, because they surely were working in this video. now police are going to, maybe, do a double check of all the back windows in the rest of their cruisers. >> yeah. right. >> there's going to be a memo coming out on this. >>> a heavy snowstorm hit croatia over the weekend, and i have some time lapse footage of just how much snow accumulation there was. you can see the dirt. you can see some grass, some plants, and there's a ruler there. his is, of course, in centimeters, but watch as the snow begins to fall. >> that looks like soapsuds. >> yeah, it does. also notice the leaves drooping down as the snow is settling on it, weighing them down. >> there
Dec 20, 2012 9:00am PST
over oscar wienermobile. let me introduce to you the big banana car. used to be an old pickup truck that was remodeled to this. developed by a guy named steve. you know what's great about this banana car. >> round edges, a couple of marks on it. >> very authentic. steve and his brother want to make a documentary film about taking this thing across the world. we've got the maker of the big banana car joining us "right this minute" to tell us about the banana car. steve, do you love bananas? why did you make this? >> in the last four years i've eaten more bananas than you could possibly imagine. who doesn't like bananas. i wanted to do something ridiculous. a ripe banana, probably as ridiculous as you can possibly be. >> is this street legal? >> it is strate legal. the body shape, they can't say we don't like the shape of your car. they can say if you drive on our roads, you have to meet certain safety requirements. the big banana car meets the safety requirements. >> tell me about the reaction when you drive it around? >> it's the most fun thing. i absolutely was not prepared for it
Dec 11, 2012 1:00pm PST
bank, and he threatened that there were bombs. so i'm sure he used different threats to get this guy to drive away. >> that's wild. if you look at the driver. the driver looks back at the employee and goes, like -- >> please help. >> even the employee recognized, something is not right. >> you're thinking, why didn't i lock my door? the guy just walks right up. >> you don't necessarily think someone's going to come in and carjack you? >> at all place, the drive-through where you know there's cameras and other witnesses around. >> that's terrifying. i mean, a moment in your day when you're grabbing a cup of coffee and then, bam. some guy who's a bank robber is in your front seat. >> police were already looking for this guy. the bank robbery. he ended up ditching that car and stealing another suv, which ended up crashing near a ferry dock. >> went by here, like a sonic boom it went by so fast. it was just loud. >> where police were able to capture him. >> once in custody they were able to determine there were no explosives at all. the suspect, police say is a 30-year-old man has been b
Dec 25, 2012 9:00am PST
to the wilderness and releasing him back into the wild. >> to tell us about this video this beautiful christmas present wrapped up in a bow we have sullivan ripley via skype to the show. welcome to the show, sullivan. >> hi. >> did the fawn struggle with your uncle at all. >> it was so fast and powerful. it was so powerful it almost knocked me over the waterfall. >> wow. tell us how you guys actually got the fawn out of the water. >> my grandfather and friend victor got a rope and tied it to with the fawn. i helped pull up the rope from behind. then the fawn was on the ground with us. >> you uploaded a version of this video and turned it into really a movie trailer. >> right on the road when we were driving, that's kind of when i was assembling it in my mind. >> if it's a white christmas, that means people are probably out and about on the slopes hitting up their winter sports. we've got a couple of videos of winter sports follies. guys down skiing on the slope here. got himself a camera. just as he turns the camera on himself, what's the matter? >> i hate to laugh. i hate to laugh. i hope the
Dec 26, 2012 9:00am PST
basement. he set up a trap. what's funny the way he's talking to us telling us about the action going on. >> mice that can do agility and now a mouse murder? >> watch and listen. >> some mouse came down right in front of me while i'm talking and not scared. eating like he's my buddy. >> he i a little eep taking the mouse trap is not working. >> i set out a buffet for my dinner guests here. these guys love me all of a sudden. where's the idiot with a tray filled with peanut butter for us. >> to find out what happens at the end of the video go to our website at and click on the best of rtm. >>> this is a little guy who really, really believes he can make it snow. >> and this is his reaction. what he says when the snow falls, next "right this minute." . >> it may look like any old vinyl record. but look again. >> this record was printed on a 3d printer from digital information. >> see how new technology is taking us back to the good-old days, next. it's an underwater photo shoot and the model is not digging it. >> at what point do you say, hey, okay, i get the hint, i'm
Dec 18, 2012 2:00pm EST
, and it's left many people wondering how to cope. >> tim james, a singer/songwriter decided to use this talent to express his emotion and hopefully to help those in pain. ♪ ain't no way to describe the news i heard today ♪ ♪ the bitter days of tragedy took my smile away ♪ >> he's written songs for major artists like toby adki adkins, even george strait. he posted this video on facebook saying i don't want a monetary gain from this. this isn't about getting my name out there. i'm just hoping that people pay this forward and it does ease the pain for those who were affected. ♪ there's bo a boy in colorado a girl in santa fe, they're holding hands to pray ♪ >> tell us more about this song. we have him from tennessee right this minute. describe the emotional process of you of writing these lyrics. >> this particular song, i felt like, just sort of came through me. i just picked up the guitar and started strumming the guitar and felt like god spoke to me and the words came out. played it for my wife and she cried and i thought, i got something here. so i went out in the gara
Dec 7, 2012 1:00pm PST
outrage when the court is not of use. >> i will charge you $1,000 for that. >> for weeks a turkey plays a game of chicken with cars and ties up traffic. >> this is thanksgiving revenge. >> how the attempt to capture him leads to one maddening catch. >> goes down one but turkey is fine. >> it's being called the cutest video ever. see why everything is better in miniature. >>> plus, we'll show you how to make a toy for cheap and we'll try to explain this. >> i don't even know what to say. >> that is a clown right outside of the milwaukee city hall. >> a clown? >> a clown. >> bicycle with a teddy bear on the back. >> look at what happens when the cop approaches him? they get into a full-on fight and the whole thing was captured on video by a driver that was driving by, mitch cooper. >> i happened to look to my right because there was a little bit of movement and i saw a police officer approach this man that was kind of dressed like a clown but you couldn't really tell. it was weird. how could i not capture this on video and show it to my friends. >> the cop approached him because the clown
Dec 10, 2012 1:00pm PST
valuable insights into how they use them on a daily basis. >> this will help us refine our design with production volume we can get price down, efficiency up. >> a donation of yours can change the life of someone on the other side of the globe. >> if you woke up this morning and wondered i would like to know what red neck aerobics looks like -- >> i can show you. >> and you don't have beth troutman to show you, it is your lucky day. ♪ >> all you need for redneck aeroic is a pick-up guy dumb enough to hold an exercise ball, an exercise ball. here we go in three, two, one. >> what? >> i think he gets the ball and maybe a little bit of this guy's himself. he goes flying. watch his head. >> it hits the tree. >> almost runs into that tree. >> i think that's the one we wanted. >> he didn't put on a helmet or gear or anything -- and was like i'll stand on top of this hill and hold this ball and you hit me with the truck. >> watch the video. the truck is stuck. >> did you break the truck? >> yeah. >> all right. i'll give him a break too. i don't think he deserves a 10. i think that was
Dec 18, 2012 1:00pm PST
is coming towards us at an ed credible rapid rate. what happened when the laughter turns to fear. [ gunfire ] >>> a guy outside a mall hears a gunman. >> firing off 50 rounds. >> now a shopper trapped inside reveals a scene of panic. >> everyone was running as fast as they could through the mall. like, people were falling over. it was mayhem. >> a sports car driver hits the track for a race. >> everything was going so far so good. >> but only -- >> for so long. >> [ bleep ] -- [ bleep ]. >> and a zoo visitor comes across -- >> a very friendly elephant. >> why this meet and greet was more meet than greet. >> oh! >> whoa! >>> going to take you guys to germany for an air show. we're actually inside a 28 awe notice, oh, look. sky divers jumping out of the back of this plane. all part of the air show. it's not the sky divers making this video go viral. it's what happened after the sky divers leave the plane. >> and they're gone. the pilot goes into an intentional nosedive. >> why is he doing that? kind of making the skydivers, trying to beat them down to the drive. >> all part of the performance
Dec 19, 2012 1:00pm PST
feel bad for young kids nowadays. social media has the power for such good, but it also can be used powerfully to slander somebody. >> police do believe a 17-year-old girl is behind the initial inta gram posting. >> this girl that was being trampled is she somebody in one of these photos or just a random person? >> we don't know the identity of the girl in the video. we did know things get violent. police were called to the scene of this. more than 27 people were arrested and many of those detained as a result of this incident. >>> charlie loves christmas lights a little too much. charlie ate some christmas lights as you can see from the x ray, those were the christmas lights in his tummy. >> he wasn't just eating the bulb. he ate the strand, the string of lights. >> there was a strand of christmas lights that ended up in his belly. >> when that comes out like a magician scarf. >> he ended up having to have surgery. >> the people in the hospital are like we don't know what that is. christmas lights missing. they pulled out christmas lights. and a shoestring. >> he has something abou
Dec 21, 2012 1:00pm PST
-built this snowboard, using this power foam solar material. it went on the top of the snowboard. it's got a little battery that charges up in a ubs port. whatever you've got on you. plug it in and you're charged. >> the power pours in from the sun. we've got our contour, our point and shoot, go pro and our battery pack. and the iphone 5, all of them charging. >> i love it. i think this is gold. >> i don't understand it. you get water, you'll get -- your product will be ruined. >> you're not going to keep your phone plugged into your board while you're riding. but the battery pack is going to charge while you're out riding all day. when you come into the lodge, you can just plug your phone into the snowboard, let it charge up for a little while. you don't have to go searching for a plug in the lodge anywhere. >> i can't believe my phone is charging from a snowboard. >>> steve green and his girlfriend, brie, completed what i think is the grossest, most diabolically disgusted santa prank. >> she's dressed as a sexy santa trying to get the attention of passers-by? >> yes. >> i don't think this prank g
Dec 5, 2012 9:00am PST
carolina and he is about to teach us a a new word to describe things. a word we know but i don't think it has been used this way. >> this is just not rad at all. it is awf-- this is just so not frat at all. it is not cool. this is so not frat. >> will ferrell can play this guys in movies. >> the new word is frat. no one finds that funny? >> does that make this whole video frat? >> it is frat because it has gone viral. we have a thing around these parts that when things are cool they are dope coats. >> dope coats are frat. >>> what if it flipped and the kids were the adults? on the next "right this minute." >>> still to come climbing up but look out below. . >> and that's why you wear a helmet. >> see what happens when the snow really starts falling. >>> and a love story written in chalk. between each message he is drawing arrows so it is like )% >>> welcome back to the show but don't forget to check in at great videos all day long. >> two guys were ice rock climbing in the canadian rockies. you never know what will happen. the guy with the helmet cam shows you how
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